Vortex roleplay/ MTA Roleplay. People, mature from Valhalla, comes here.(No offence, vG)
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 Server Rules

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PostSubject: Server Rules   Fri Aug 06, 2010 1:25 am

The Rules

1. As this is a roleplay, you must roleplay at all times. Only admins can make exceptions.
2. There is no need of doing /me's for visible actions, such as jumping over the fence.
3. Deathmatch is not tolerated in this server.
4. Do not powergame or metagame.
5. Do not make unrealistic/famous/single-player(Carl_Johnson for example) names.
6. Do not advertise other servers or servers' websites or any other multiplayer game websites.
7. Do not revange kill.
8. Do not bunnyhop, to get somewhere faster.
9. Do not spam.
10. Do not double-tap W on bicycle, or 'UP' arrow on the bike.
11. Do not abuse bugs.
12. Any official Legal, government faction OOC corruption is a 24-48 hour ban, and possible kick out of faction+ char reset.
13. Do not ask OOCly for faction information, such as their hideout whereabouts.
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Server Rules
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